Hang Up Your Hangover!

Hang Up Your Hangover!

Did you party too hard last night? Did you wake up with a headache and you’re feeling terrible?

It may have been fun while it lasted but once the hangover comes on – it’s a different story.

Just a few hours ago you were having a blast. You were in a good mood, you felt confident, your anxiety was gone, and you were on top of the world.

Now that all of those things have been replaced by a headache, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, sensitivity to light, depression, and excessive sweating – things seem pretty grim.

A hangover develops when your blood alcohol level drops considerably, and it peaks when it gets to close to zero.  Little to no sleep can cause even worse effects.

The hangover from a heavy night of drinking can last up to 24 hours. There’s no need to suffer for that long. Our mobile Drip Drive clinic travels throughout the San Antonio and El Paso, TX areas can help. When administered, IV drips bypass the GI tract and go directly into the bloodstream, providing instant relief. We have a hangover cocktail that rehydrates your body by providing vitamins and nutrients that were lost while consuming alcohol. Your liver is detoxified, rehydrating your body and filling you with electrolytes. It also gets rid of alcohol sugars and gives you energy. Our specially formulated drip can even take away any nauseous feelings and you can kiss that dreadful headache goodbye.

Our formula works better than the “coffee technique”, or any other home remedies that are out there. So, whether it’s right now, or in the future – we’ve got the best recipe to help get you back to yourself in an instant. Come check us out the next time you’ve had a few too many.

Prepare Yourself for Flu Season 2018-2019

Prepare Yourself for Flu Season 2018-2019

Ugh… the dreaded flu season!

Did you know that once you get your flu shot, it can be up to two weeks before it takes full effect?  The reason behind this is because once you get vaccinated, your body builds antibodies that protect you from getting the flu.  This process typically takes about 14 days.  So that’s why you’ll want to get your flu shot early – before it starts going around in your area.

NOW is the time.  The CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October. Of course, you can take your chances and get vaccinated later on – but don’t wait until it’s too late.

When will it be too late?

That’s the thing – you’ll never know when the flu will hit you.  So, plan to go out and get your vaccinated today.  Getting a flu shot is quick and easy – especially with the convenience of our mobile Drip Drive unit. Flu vaccines are recommended even into January or later.

Also keep in mind that the flu spreads quickly, especially in schools – so if you have children you’ll want to get them vaccinated too. Kids who need two doses of the vaccine need to start right away because the second dose must be given at least four weeks from the first.

If you don’t get vaccinated and end up with the flu, you can try out our Wellness Drip. It’ll have you feeling better, faster.  This IV cocktail consists of vitamins to rehydrate you and give you energy. It helps your body to detox and supports a healthy immune system. With an IV drip, you can even fight the symptoms of the flu or common cold with its anti-nausea and anti-pain power. Our Wellness Drip is also good for people suffering from food poisoning, cancer, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies, migraines, and stress.

We look forward to meeting you.  Come check us out today!

IVs for Infertility

IVs for Infertility

Deciding to start a family is a major, life-changing decision, full of hope and joy. But after several months of negative pregnancy tests, excitement can turn to discouragement, hope to despair.

Your doctors order blood panels, ultrasounds, and a multitude of tests. They’ll start you on pills for thyroid, blood sugar, hormone levels, and to stimulate ovulation or sperm production. While you’re waiting for it all to work, you start searching for home treatments to try. All you’re really feel like you’re doing is spinning your wheels.

Anxiety is the Enemy

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, your body is likely stressed. You have increased cortisol levels, which will increase fat retention. More fat on your body means higher levels of estrogen, which is counterproductive to conception. Any hormonal or endocrine imbalance you already have may be exacerbated by the continued inability to get pregnant.

Self Care is Important

One thing you can do for yourself is taking care of your body. There’s a good chance you’re lacking micronutrients your cells need to function correctly. You could take a pre-natal vitamin, but oral supplements are broken down in digestion, so it might only be a small percentage that’s absorbed.

An IV drip will help you hydrate and provide the vitamins needed to keep your organs functioning efficiently. The FDA approved solution that Drip Drive offers can help repair tissue, improve egg and sperm production, boost sex drive, decrease stress levels, and provide an overall feeling of health.

The struggle to achieve pregnancy when you’re battling infertility can be grueling. Take a month or two off and get an IV infusion from Drip Drive of El Paso. Schedule some time to meditate and to relax.  When you begin again, some of the hope and joy will have returned, along with a healthier body and a sense of well-being.

Get Ready to Go Back to School!

Get Ready to Go Back to School!

Back to school time is here! While kids are lingering outside to soak up the last of the summer sun, teachers are getting their rooms and lesson plans ready and parents are running back and forth from the doctor’s office, stores, and the mall. It’s one thing to get all the “stuff” ready for the change, but something else to get ready is yourself.

Back to school comes with excitement, stress, and a lot of germs. These are our top tips to go back relaxed:

Take 10 Minutes to Yourself Daily: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Start and end your day with meditation to clear your mind. Your thoughts and feelings will become centered and you’ll be more able to handle the mental and emotional weight of the back to school season.

Make Your Mornings Easier: Now is the time to ease back into that school year bedtime schedule. Find grab and go breakfast solutions like egg cups or a high protein granola that will keep your crew satisfied until lunch. Finally, make sure everyone prep’s their morning before bedtime: choose clothes and shoes, pack lunches, backpacks and bags, phones on their charger stations and keys on the hook, ready to walk out the door!

Boost Your Health and Immune System: A custom wellness drip from DripDrive can rehydrate and revitalize you. With micronutrients like Vitamin C to boost immunity and B Complex vitamins to boost energy, an IV drip at the beginning of the school year can help you feel ready for the carpool line, the ball field, or the blackboard!

An IV infusion takes less than an hour, but the benefits are worth much longer. And if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! Call Drip Drive in El Paso for your back to school appointment!

Custom Wellness Drips Available

Custom Wellness Drips Available

Most diets out there focus on food macros: carbs, fats, proteins. Those are the big three. There are plenty of micro-nutrients that you need to be consuming as well. Most of them we can get from fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s easy during the summer when farmers markets and fruit stands are open everywhere.  But when you have trouble getting the right nutrients, you can start to get sick or feel a certain malaise. Enter Drip Drive of El Paso!

Mid-Week Pick Me Up!

Get those nutritional powerhouses straight into your body.  A Wellness Drip offers a custom blend that will include the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and energetic, or ward off that “bleh” feeling you get after traveling out of town. Packed with Vitamin C, and antioxidants, our Wellness Drips can give you a healthy edge on your competition and the germs floating around your office!

Nutritional Rescue

Feel like your diet is mainly processed foods, but don’t know how to break the cycle? A Wellness Drip can help!  Highly processed carbs don’t contain much nutrition. When you start adding more natural foods, your body will thank you.

But if you just can’t make yourself cook or eat enough fruits and vegetables, get your micro-nutrients in a 100% bio-available way!  The custom drip bags at Drip Drive will help you fill the gaps of what’s missing from your diet.

Keeping your body healthy is the best way to perform at work, at play, and at life in general!

Come down to our brick and mortar store to find out about our custom IV bags and other drip options for wellness and lifestyle needs. We can tailor your next hydration session to just about any needs you might have.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or home visit. We hope you’ll agree that there’s just nothing like Drip Drive!

Three Things You Need to Beat the Heat During Summer Training

Three Things You Need to Beat the Heat During Summer Training

Even the most highly trained and experienced athlete can succumb to the summer heat in El Paso. It will dry you out, zapping your electrolytes and your energy, making your body work harder to recover the muscles. You know the harder you train all summer will make you stronger in the fall, but until then, you wonder if you can even make it.

The combination of heat and exercise can leave you severely dehydrated.  To stay healthy and perform at your best, you need three things:

  • Hydration
  • Amino Acids
  • Pain Relief

Drink Your Water (More Efficiently)

Staying hydrated is more than getting eight glasses of water each day. If you’re an athlete, you know that you need to drink more than that just to replenish what you’ve sweated off!  An IV drip is another efficient way to get hydration and electrolytes into your system.

Everything in a hydration IV bag is absorbed to your bloodstream, and won’t leave you feeling bloated or cold. And since there’s no caloric load, unlike typical sports drinks, you don’t have to feel any guilt afterward.

Custom IV Drips Can Include Amino Acids!

Rigorous training will break down your muscles, so it is important to have a recovery plan in place other than just taking a rest day 1-2 times per week. Amino acids are essential to recovery; not only do they prevent muscle break down, but they encourage new growth. Drip Drive can make a custom blend for your post workout recovery!

No More Soreness!

Aches and pains after rigorous exercise is normal, but you don’t have to wait them out. Contact Drip Drive of El Paso! A custom blend drip can decrease the pain you’re experiencing and increase your ability to move through your day (or next workout) normally. Schedule your appointment today with our brick and mortar store, or have a nurse come directly to you, wherever you are.