Custom Wellness Drips Available

Jul 11, 2018
Custom Wellness Drips Available

Most diets out there focus on food macros: carbs, fats, proteins. Those are the big three. There are plenty of micro-nutrients that you need to be consuming as well. Most of them we can get from fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s easy during the summer when farmers markets and fruit stands are open everywhere.  But when you have trouble getting the right nutrients, you can start to get sick or feel a certain malaise. Enter Drip Drive of El Paso!

Mid-Week Pick Me Up!

Get those nutritional powerhouses straight into your body.  A Wellness Drip offers a custom blend that will include the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and energetic, or ward off that “bleh” feeling you get after traveling out of town. Packed with Vitamin C, and antioxidants, our Wellness Drips can give you a healthy edge on your competition and the germs floating around your office!

Nutritional Rescue

Feel like your diet is mainly processed foods, but don’t know how to break the cycle? A Wellness Drip can help!  Highly processed carbs don’t contain much nutrition. When you start adding more natural foods, your body will thank you.

But if you just can’t make yourself cook or eat enough fruits and vegetables, get your micro-nutrients in a 100% bio-available way!  The custom drip bags at Drip Drive will help you fill the gaps of what’s missing from your diet.

Keeping your body healthy is the best way to perform at work, at play, and at life in general!

Come down to our brick and mortar store to find out about our custom IV bags and other drip options for wellness and lifestyle needs. We can tailor your next hydration session to just about any needs you might have.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or home visit. We hope you’ll agree that there’s just nothing like Drip Drive!