IVs for Infertility

IVs for Infertility

Deciding to start a family is a major, life-changing decision, full of hope and joy. But after several months of negative pregnancy tests, excitement can turn to discouragement, hope to despair.

Your doctors order blood panels, ultrasounds, and a multitude of tests. They’ll start you on pills for thyroid, blood sugar, hormone levels, and to stimulate ovulation or sperm production. While you’re waiting for it all to work, you start searching for home treatments to try. All you’re really feel like you’re doing is spinning your wheels.

Anxiety is the Enemy

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, your body is likely stressed. You have increased cortisol levels, which will increase fat retention. More fat on your body means higher levels of estrogen, which is counterproductive to conception. Any hormonal or endocrine imbalance you already have may be exacerbated by the continued inability to get pregnant.

Self Care is Important

One thing you can do for yourself is taking care of your body. There’s a good chance you’re lacking micronutrients your cells need to function correctly. You could take a pre-natal vitamin, but oral supplements are broken down in digestion, so it might only be a small percentage that’s absorbed.

An IV drip will help you hydrate and provide the vitamins needed to keep your organs functioning efficiently. The FDA approved solution that Drip Drive offers can help repair tissue, improve egg and sperm production, boost sex drive, decrease stress levels, and provide an overall feeling of health.

The struggle to achieve pregnancy when you’re battling infertility can be grueling. Take a month or two off and get an IV infusion from Drip Drive of El Paso. Schedule some time to meditate and to relax.  When you begin again, some of the hope and joy will have returned, along with a healthier body and a sense of well-being.