Rehydrate and Restore Electrolytes the Healthy Way!

Rehydrate and Restore Electrolytes the Healthy Way!

Whether you’re running the field, the court, or a marathon, you need to be in top shape to perform at your best. Everything you put in your body goes toward renewing and regenerating your cells, building your muscles, keeping you strong, hydrated, and balanced. But after practice or after the race, how are you helping your body recover?

Ditch the Sports Drinks!

A pretty common idea is that sports drinks can help you hydrate and replace lost electrolytes. But as good as those drinks may taste, most are nothing more than empty calories and food dye. Most soccer and baseball moms will tell you that a bottle of water and orange slices will do more to help you recover from a day of practice or working out, but as a serious athlete, you need serious hydration and cellular nutrition for recovery.

A Matter of Bioavailability

The problem with ingesting your vitamins and nutrients as a pill or shake is that they aren’t always absorbable. Your stomach digests them, and only a small percentage becomes available to help your cells.

In contrast, the nutrients in an IV drip go directly to your bloodstream, providing hydration and the fodder for your cells to repair, regenerate, and grow. Not only can IV therapy help you recover from your exertions: it can help you prepare for your next big event! Whether you have a marathon coming up, a softball tourney, or long days of practice for the next season of your favorite sport, an IV drip can replenish your Vitamin C, B Complex vitamins, magnesium, and zinc, all of which feed your metabolic processes.

Don’t start your next workout, game, or run without preparing your body! If you’re on the go and don’t have time to stop by a brick and mortar shop for your IV therapy, Drip Drive can come to you!

Bolster Your Body’s Immune Defense

Bolster Your Body’s Immune Defense

It seems like every year the flu season hits harder than ever before. People get the flu shot, but more and more seem to get the virus anyway. It spreads to young children who can’t get vaccinated, and people with weakened immunity due to age, cancer, or other diseases. If one person in your circle gets it, it’s almost a guarantee that everyone will.

Could there be a way to boost your immunity and stay well during the seasons of sickness? Or recover even faster if you do become ill?

An Incomplete Solution

You probably take supplements to help you stay well during the winter and spring months when sickness is at its peak. Vitamin C chewables or effervescent drinks; elderberry syrup, foods with high concentrates of micronutrients like selenium, zinc, B6, iron, and folic acid. Or maybe you’ve done your research to eat all the right foods that can have a high caloric load as well as a high cost. Either way, only a percentage of the nutrients you feed your body are bioavailable to do the job on their own.

IV Therapy in El Paso!

The best way to get your super nutrients into your body and bolster your immune system is with preventative IV Therapy. Using a slow drip IV, it’s possible to pass a higher level of the vitamins and minerals you need directly into your bloodstream. In fact, the practical evidence suggests that the levels of nutrients you can get with IV Therapy can do wonderful things for your health and immune system. But you can’t get there through diet alone or taking supplements.

Start down the road to better health and wellness. IV Therapy provides your body the building blocks it needs to defend against viral, bacterial, and even allergen attacks! Just one hour can help you feel better and stay better! Call for an appointment to schedule your own Drip Drive!

Last Friday Night…

Last Friday Night…

Waking up after a night at the club can be painful. Your eyelids feel like they’re made of sandpaper, your mouth is dried out. You desperately want a bottle of water, but when you open your eyes and try to stand up, the room is blurry and spinning; better get to the bathroom fast, or clean up won’t be fun!

What Happens After the Last Drink

Whether you prefer to shoot tequila, down a bottle of wine, or toss back a neat scotch, alcohol changes the chemistry of your body. It acts as a diuretic, and you end up flushing your body of many vital nutrients and an essential component of well-being, water.

Not only that, but alcohol prevents glutamate release in your brain, so your brain over produces the compound. As your blood alcohol level decreases, the excess glutamates are released and contribute to your nausea, dizziness, and irritability, among other things.

As your body works to metabolize your Friday night party, you suffer. Because as good as you feel with a little booze in your system, the truth is that when alcohol is over consumed, it acts as a toxin.

Forget the Hair Of The Dog, Get An IV Instead!

The 21st century has great news for hangover relief. Drip Drive IV Therapy in El Paso can help you get over your hangover and get on with your day. An IV bag full of vital nutrients for cellular regeneration will help clear the toxins from your bloodstream, clear your head, and rehydrate your body. In just an hour, you’ll feel ready to take on the world, or at least get back to your work, your family, and your life.

Call for your same day appointment, or if you’re really on the ball, call ahead to schedule your home visit for the morning after!