Rehydrate and Restore Electrolytes the Healthy Way!

Apr 13, 2018
Rehydrate and Restore Electrolytes the Healthy Way!

Whether you’re running the field, the court, or a marathon, you need to be in top shape to perform at your best. Everything you put in your body goes toward renewing and regenerating your cells, building your muscles, keeping you strong, hydrated, and balanced. But after practice or after the race, how are you helping your body recover?

Ditch the Sports Drinks!

A pretty common idea is that sports drinks can help you hydrate and replace lost electrolytes. But as good as those drinks may taste, most are nothing more than empty calories and food dye. Most soccer and baseball moms will tell you that a bottle of water and orange slices will do more to help you recover from a day of practice or working out, but as a serious athlete, you need serious hydration and cellular nutrition for recovery.

A Matter of Bioavailability

The problem with ingesting your vitamins and nutrients as a pill or shake is that they aren’t always absorbable. Your stomach digests them, and only a small percentage becomes available to help your cells.

In contrast, the nutrients in an IV drip go directly to your bloodstream, providing hydration and the fodder for your cells to repair, regenerate, and grow. Not only can IV therapy help you recover from your exertions: it can help you prepare for your next big event! Whether you have a marathon coming up, a softball tourney, or long days of practice for the next season of your favorite sport, an IV drip can replenish your Vitamin C, B Complex vitamins, magnesium, and zinc, all of which feed your metabolic processes.

Don’t start your next workout, game, or run without preparing your body! If you’re on the go and don’t have time to stop by a brick and mortar shop for your IV therapy, Drip Drive can come to you!